The Titusville Playhouse is an equal opportunity employer that celebrates diversity and does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, disability status or any other applicable characteristics protected by law. The Titusville Playhouse is committed to providing access, equal opportunity and reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities in its employment, services, programs and activities. We want to meet performers of all backgrounds, identities and abilities, and we encourage you to audition for any role.

General Information

  • Auditions are at the Titusville Playhouse at 301 Julia Street in Titusville, FL 32796. Please arrive 15-30 minutes before auditions begin to complete registration.
  • You will enter through the main entrance of the theatre to sign in.
  • Sign in begins at 6:00pm & auditions begin at 6:30pm. (Children auditions sign in begins at 5:00pm & auditions begin at 5:30pm)
  • You are only required at one evening of auditions. Callbacks are done, when necessary at the discretion of the production team, at the audition or in the following days.
  • Every adult actor will receive a travel stipend at the end of the show’s run with a $1,000 guarantee for Mainstage productions & $500 guarantee for Stage 2 productions.
  • Every child actor will receive a $75 scholarship to the Rising Stars education program.
  • Titusville Playhouse, when needed and able, will offer Equity guest contracts to members of the union/non-union out-of-town guest artist contracts.
  • For additional information, call 321.268.1125 or email
  • There WILL be a dance call at all musical auditions.
  • For musicals, audition sides will be provided, but feel free to prepare your own 32-bar cut of an appropriate song.
  • An audition accompanist will be provided or you may use instrumental tracks via bluetooth or auxiliary cord.
  • For plays, audition sides will be provided.
  • If unable to attend in person auditions, video submissions will be accepted by the end of day of the last audition. Please fill out the submission form at

Audition Dates

The Rocky Horror Show, Anastasia, What A Wonderful World: Adult July 29, 30 & Children on July 31

Jersey Boys, Escape to Margaritaville: September 30 & October 1

Waitress, The 39 Steps, Altar Boyz: January 13 & 14

Audition Sides

  • For musicals, audition sides will be provided, but feel free to prepare your own 32-bar cut of an appropriate song.
  • An audition accompanist will be provided or you may use instrumental tracks via bluetooth or auxiliary cord.
  • For plays, audition sides will be provided at the audition.



Show Information


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JULY 26–AUGUST 18, 2024

Directed by Steven J. Heron
Choreographed by Rachel Erickson
Music Directed by Spencer Crosswell

JULIE NICHOLS – Emilee Mari Fruscella
SANDY LESTER – Erica deJongh
MAX VAN HORN – Anthony Gjelaj
JEFF SLATER – Chris deJongh
STAN FIELDS – Steven J. Heron
RON CARLISLE – Frank Thompson
SUZIE/ENSEMBLE – Kara Jean Spindle
ENSEMBLE – Lyric Stratton, Sarah McKinney, Madelynn Roberts, Giovanni Sanchez, Patrick Miller

Million Dollar Quartet

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SEPTEMBER 6–29, 2024

Directed & Choreographed by Landon Shaw
Music Directed by Spencer Crosswell

ELVIS – 20s; male presenting; actor/singer/guitar player to portray Elvis in his 20s at the beginning of his career. Must be familiar with his music and able to play guitar; should sound and look somewhat like Elvis without being an “impersonator.” In the production, Elvis sings: “Memories Are Made Of This,” “That’s All Right,” “Long Tall Sally,” “Peace In The Valley,” “Party,” and “Hound Dog.”

JERRY LEE LEWIS – 20s-early 30s; male presenting; actor/singer/pianist; he was rock ‘n’ roll’s legendary piano prodigy and celebrated “Last Man Standing.” Must be a superb piano player, able to play like Jerry Lee Lewis; fun, energetic; comic skills a plus. In the production, Jerry Lee Lewis sings: “Real Wild Child,” “Great Balls Of Fire,” and “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On.”

CARL PERKINS – mid 20s; male presenting; actor/singer/guitar player (lead guitar); he was the American pioneer of rockabilly music and best known for his song “Blue Suede Shoes.” Must be an excellent lead guitarist. In the production, Carl Perkins sings: “Matchbox,” “Who Do You Love?,” “My Babe,” and “See You Later, Alligator.”

JOHNNY CASH – late 20s-late 30s; male presenting; actor/singer/guitar player to portray Johnny Cash at the dawn of his epic career. Must be familiar with his music and able to play guitar; tall; should sound and look somewhat like Johnny without being an “impersonator.” Please prepare a Johnny Cash song (or song in that style from that era) and accompany yourself on the guitar. In the production, Johnny Cash sings: “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Sixteen Tons,” “I Walk The Line,” and “Riders In The Sky.”

SAM PHILLIPS – mid-30s-40s; male presenting; “Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll” and founder of Sun Records who discovered Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and many others including Roy Orbison and B.B. King; a towering and charismatic figure in American music.

DYANNE – 20s-early 30s;  female presenting; she was an aspiring singer and Elvis’s girlfriend; ahead of her time and assertive, she’s a great singer with a wide range; sings solos and back-up throughout the show; sings “Fever” in her alto range and covers the high soprano part of “Riders In The Sky” (Johnny Cash song); for the auditions, actors will be asked to prepare a song from the era. In the production, Dyanne sings “Fever” and “I Hear You Knockin’.”

JAY PERKINS Bass player

W.S. “Fluke” HOLLAND Drummer

Bat Boy: the Musical

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Stage 2

Directed by Steven J. Heron
Choreographed by Jordyn Linkous
Music Directed by Spencer Crosswell

BAT BOY (EDGAR) – Early 20s. Male identifying. Tenor – B2 – A4. Falsetto to E5.
Edgar is half boy/half bat and his journey from a primitive/unrefined being to a well-rounded and civilized human (and the difficulties he encounters along the way) is the heart of our story. “Bat Boy” is very raw and unsophisticated at the beginning of the play (after all, he has lived in a cave his entire life and never been exposed to civilization) and can’t even speak. However, with the Parker’s help, he grows into “Edgar” (the name lovingly given to him by Meredith) an intelligent and enthusiastic individual with a strong desire to be accepted and to fit in. He struggles with his identity (is he man or beast?) and the prejudice and hatred of the town. The actor playing Bat Boy/Edgar will have to be able to portray both sides of his personality and be able to tap into the confusion and anger that often boils up, all the while maintaining the innocent and loving essence of the character. The audience needs to sympathize with him or the musical will not work—the artist playing this role must not only be a strong singer, but also a very strong actor in order to achieve this.

DR. THOMAS PARKER – Age: 30’s – 50’s. Male identifying. Baritone/Tenor – Ab2 – A4.
The town veterinarian, Dr. Parker is asked to “take care” of the creature but is convinced to spare his life by his wife and daughter. He is a desperate man in a loveless marriage (due to the troubled past of the couple). As he sees the attachment growing between Bat Boy and Meredith, Dr. Parker grows to secretly despise the boy. Driven mad by this hatred and jealousy, he manipulates the situation using his veterinarian skills to his advantage—even at the price of human life. The actor playing this role must be a strong singer and actor and believably portray his decline into diabolical madness.

MEREDITH PARKER – Stage Age: 30’s – 50’s. Female identifying. Mezzo Soprano With Strong Belt – F3 – F5. Dr. Parker’s wife, Shelley’s mother. Meredith is the epitome of the perfect housewife. She helps convince her husband to keep Bat Boy. She picks out a name for him, teaches him manners, and educates him; she does everything that the mother he never had would do—but in the process, a deeply kept secret is disturbed and her world starts to crumble around her. Can she save the ones she loves? Meredith starts out relatively two-dimensional; but as things start to go wrong she must make difficult decisions, step out of her comfort zone, and confront long-hidden emotions. There must be a strong connection between Meredith and Edgar.

SHELLEY PARKER – Stage Age: Late Teens – Early 20’s. Female Identifying. Soprano with Strong Belt – G3 – Ab5. The Parker’s rebellious daughter. Shelley and her mother convince her father to spare Bat Boy. Shelley transforms from a spoiled brat who taunts Bat Boy into a young woman who falls in love with him and protects him from the town’s wrath. The actress playing this role must have charisma, good comic timing, a strong voice, and a presence that endears not only Edgar but the audience as well.

SHERIFF REYNOLDS – Stage Age: 30s – 60s. Male Identifying. Baritone. The Sheriff brings Bat Boy to Dr. Parker’s house to be “taken care of”. He is called upon by the town folks to deal with the situation whenever the situation goes awry. He is always the mediator and tries to do the right thing … long as its good for his career!

RICK TAYLOR – Stage Age: Late Teens – Early 20’s. Male Identifying. Baritone
One of the adventurous Taylor siblings who discovers Bat Boy in a cave. A bully and Shelley’s boyfriend. This artist will play other roles in the ensemble.

RON TAYLOR – Stage Age: Teenager. Male Identifying. Baritone
One of the adventurous Taylor siblings who discovers Bat Boy in a cave. This artist will play other roles in the ensemble.

RUTHIE TAYLOR – Stage Age: Teenager. Female Identifying. Mezzo Soprano.
One of the adventurous siblings who discovers Bat Boy in a cave. This artist will play other roles in the ensemble.

MRS. TAYLOR – Stage Age: 30’s – 50’s. Female Identifying. Could be played in drag. Mezzo Soprano/Alto. Protective mother of Rick, Ron, Ruthie. This artist will play other roles in the ensemble.

REVEREND BILLY HIGHTOWER – Stage Age: 30-60. Male Identifying. Could be played in drag. Seeking artist of color. Tenor/Alto. A small but memorable character, the Reverend is an over-the-top caricature of typical religious figures and provides many laughs during his spirited performance of the song “A Joyful Noise” at the town’s revival ceremony. The actor playing this part must have good comedic timing and must be a strong singer who is comfortable singing in the gospel style. This artist will play other roles in the ensemble.

PAN, GOD OF THE FOREST – Stage Age: 25-40. Could be played by artist of any gender identity. A forest god who sings “Children, Children” and presides over an interpretive marriage ceremony for Shelley and Bat Boy. Must be a strong singer. Strong dancing ability a plus. This artist will play other roles in the ensemble.

ENSEMBLE (Mayor Maggie, Townsfolk, Animals, Voices, Etc) – Stage Age: All. All gender identities. All vocal ranges. Simple and superstitious, the townspeople are over-the-top representations of rural farmers. Think plaid shirts and cheesy southern accents! Most ensemble members have solo speaking and singing lines and all have lots of opportunities to shine. In addition to playing the townsfolk and getting to sing great songs like “Hold Me Bat Boy,” Another Dead Cow,” and “A Joyful Noise”, the ensemble members also play animals in the forest scene (“Children, Children”) and the voices in Dr. Parkers head as he goes crazy. Actors playing these roles must be strong singers and good comedic actors and movers.

The Rocky Horror Show

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Stage 2 Special Event

Directed by Steven J. Heron
Music Directed by Spencer Crosswell

*This is a remount production. Previous cast members will be offered the role. An updated list of available roles will be available the weeks before the audition.


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Directed by Niko Stamos
Choreographed by Daniel Gold
Music Directed by Spencer Crosswell

Anya/ Princess Anastasia – This role has been cast.

Young Anastasia – Young actor age 7-12, but needs to appear to be the younger end of the age range: A sweet and impressionable young princess. Young Anastasia is the willful, brave, proud, and precocious youngest daughter of the Tsar. She has a special bond with her grandmother (whom she calls Nana). Sweet child soprano. Vocal Range: C4-C5

Dmitry – Appears mid 20’s: An opportunist trying to make it on the streets of Russia by selling stolen objects from the Tsarist past. He is the prince of St. Petersburg’s black market. He creates the scheme to find an Anastasia impersonator in order to gain the reward for her safe return. He is smooth, persuasive and a real operator. Baritenor. Vocal range: A2-G4 (A4)

Vlad Popov – Appears mid 40’s-Early 50’s: Before the revolution Vlad was a minor functionary at the empirical court. He is Dmitry’s right hand man and because of his romantic relationship with Lily he arranges a meeting between Anya and the Dowager Empress. Actor must have wit, style, and be a character comedian with panache. Baritone. Vocal range: A2-F4.

Gleb Vaganov – Appears mid-Late 30’s-40’s: Gleb is a son of the Russian revolution. As a career officer in the Bolshevik secret police, he is a passionate defender of the hard-won gains of the new order. As the play progresses we see him rise in power and position within the political party. His attraction to Anya puts him in violent conflict with himself. Baritenor. Vocal Range: A2-Gb4.

Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna – Appears 60’s-70’s as time passes: She is the formidable and imperious grandmother of Anastasia. Anastasia is her favorite grandchild and she loves her with all her heart. She never truly gives up the belief that her granddaughter might be alive, but finally, after years of enduring Anastasia pretenders, she becomes hardened and bitter. It is only when she meets Anya that her old spirit begins the return. Alto. Vocal Range: F3-Bb4.

Countess Lily Malevsky-Malevitch – Appears around 40: Lily is the confidante and lady-in-waiting to the Dowager Empress. She has been by the Dowager’s side since before the revolution. Lily is clever, dutiful, and, above all, fun (when not working for the Dowager). She deals with her exile from Russia with a sort of resigned dark humor. She and Vlad were once an item (unbeknownst to her oblivious husband) and re-kindle their romance upon reuniting. Mezzo. G3-C5 (Briefly sings a B5).

Supporting Cast

Tsar Nicholas II – Adult. Appears approximately 30-50: Anastasia’s loving father. Elegant. He tries to keep the peace between his mother, the Dowager Empress, and the Tsarina. As his youngest daughter grows into a young woman, he protects and guides her.

Tsarina Alexandra – Adult. Appears approximately 30-40: Anastasia’s mother. She is stern, very devout, brittle, paranoid about the collapsing regime, and grief-stricken about the health of her son, the Tsarevich Alexei. She is uncomfortable around her mother-in-law.

Alexei Romanov – Young Teen. Appears 13-14: Alexei is the youngest Romanov child and only son of the Tsar and Tsarina. As a baby he was diagnosed with the genetic blood disorder, hemophilia. He is highly energetic and strong despite his hemophilia. He is closest with Anastasia and they frequently get in trouble together, but as the only heir to the throne, his parents are very protective of him and summon all of the best doctors from Russia to see him.

Olga Romanov – Young Adult. Appears Early 20’s: Oldest child of the Tsar and Tsarina. Her parents dote on her as the first child. She is stubborn, yet compassionate, inquisitive about the outside world, and completely devoted to her father.

Tatiana Romanov – Young Adult. Appears around 20: The second daughter of the Tsar and Tsarina, Tatiana is “The Governess” and keeps her other siblings in line. She has a serious quality to her but can find enjoyment in anything.

Maria Romanov – Young Adult. Appears around 19: Maria is a nurturer and often cares for her mother and Alexei when they take ill. Deemed too young to become a nurse, she often visits wounded soldiers to bring them cheer.

Count Leopold – Older Adult: He’s one of the presumptive Romanov heirs; a snob; a bit of a fop. He is actively trying to have himself named the sole heir to the Romanov fortune.

Marfa -Young Adult. Appears 20’s: An Anastasia imposter.

Paulina – Young Adult. Appears 20’s: An Anastasia imposter.

Dunya – Young Adult. Appears 20’s: An Anastasia imposter.

Count Ipolitov – Older Adult: A dignified Russian and intellectual, grief-stricken about leaving his homeland. Authoritative and formidable.

Gorlinskly – Adult: Gleb’s very powerful superior.

Sergei – Adult: The Russian doorman at the Neva Club in Paris.

Count Gregory – Adult: Russian aristocrat in Paris.

Countess Gregory – Adult: Russian aristocrat in Paris.

Ballet Dancers in Swan Lake – Must be en pointe.

Ensemble (Townsfolk, Royal Servants, Bolshevik Officers and Soldiers, Parisians, Reporters, and Aristocrats, etc.) – All ages.


What A Wonderful World

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Mainstage Special Event

Directed by Steven J. Heron
Choreographed by Jordyn Linkous
Music Directed by Spencer Crosswell

LUCY – female identifying, (20-30s). Idealistic. Plucky. Loyal. An aspiring artist, Lucy came to New York in search of her place in the world. She believes in the inherent goodness of people; her optimism in the human spirit is infectious. It also gets her in trouble.

JACK – male identifying, (20s-30s). Ambitious. Charismatic. Cynical. Great hair. With a chip on his shoulder, Jack is a high-powered advertising executive gunning for his next score. Smooth with the ladies and emotionally distant, he’s not the guy you’d peg to don a red velvet suit and pass out toys to girls and boys.

SANTA CLAUS – male identifying. At first glance, he’s the jolly, bearded gent of yore with a belly full of jelly. But he’s now at a turning point: after a century in the sleigh, he doesn’t quite have the passion for the grind he once did. Might it be time to pass the reins?

MRS. CLAUS – female identifying. The bespectacled, gray-haired matron of The North Pole, she’s always been satisfied as the “woman behind the Big Man.” When she’s forced to step up and save Christmas, she realizes she likes calling the shots! And she’s great at it.

RHUBARB – female identifying. Santa’s no-nonsense, upbeat Head Elf with an aggressively “cheerful” demeanor. Loves Christmas with a chipper, adorable intensity heretofore unknown in the mortal world.

TOPHER – male identifying, 20s-30s. Unflinchingly kind and warmhearted. Almost “too nice,” Topher runs Kringlez Kidz, a children’s charity. If Santa were a socially awkward young professional in mid-century Manhattan, this jovial square is how you’d imagine him.

ENSEMBLE –  Ensemble plays a number of roles, including various children, diner denizens, a sparkle of elves (including Cinnamon, Juniper, Gingersnap, Glitterpants, Becky and others), Annie, Beverly, Carol, Hildy, Chester, Operator, bar patrons, Naughty Girl, Accountant Elf, Postmaster Elf, Santa’s Workshop Elf, Air Traffic Control Elf, Rusty (The Coal Miner Elf), Mrs. Callaway, Businessman, Kringlez Kidz Dancers, partygoers, security guards and others.

Jersey Boys

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Directed by Steven J. Heron
Choreographed by TBA
Music Directed by Spencer Crosswell


TOMMY DEVITO – (Male Identifying, 30-40) Strong tenor/baritone voice, must be comfortable with traditional four-part harmonies; ability to play guitar a strong plus; funny; a wise-guy; a natural-born leader with appealing bad-boy quality.

FRANKIE VALLI – (Male Identifying, 20-35) Must be 5’9 or shorter; must have a strong tenor with sweet and strong falsetto and be able to sing in the style of Frankie Valli; strong tenor to high A or Bb plus strong falsetto up to treble G; charismatic and charming; must be a very strong actor and have a gritty side as well as a polished veneer; must be very comfortable with four-part harmonies.

NICK MASSI – (Male Identifying, 30-40) Strong bass/baritone voice, must be very comfortable with traditional four-part harmonies; a quiet dreamer who longs for life after The Four Seasons; understated with a dead-pan quality.

BOB GAUDIO – (Male Identifying, 20-35) Strong tenor/baritone voice; must be very comfortable with traditional four-part harmonies; an intelligent, sensitive, and introspective musical prodigy. Principal

JOE PESCI – (Male Identifying, 20-35) Must be 5’9 or shorter; young, energetic and funny; must be a good actor and a strong singer. Will also play various roles.

BARRY BELSON – (Male Identifying, 20-49) Strong actor and singer to play various roles (friends, producers, etc.); strong tenor to high C; with a strong falsetto to G above high C; Has the ability to riff in rhythm-and-blues style.

BOB CREWE – (Male Identifying, 30-40) Intelligent and flamboyant; genius music producer and lyricist; an integral part of creating the magic of The Four Seasons.

NORM WAXMAN – (Male Identifying, 20-35) Owns a private money lending agency; strong actor/singer to play various roles; strong tenor/bari-tenor voice. Ensemble/Supporting

GYP DECARLO – (Male Identifying, 45-55) Tough, Mafioso type; must be a strong character actor and strong singer.

MARY & OTHERS – (Female Identifying, 20-39) Frankie’s wife; tough, “Seen it all”, Italian, Jersey girl; she’s got a killer sense of humor; actor also plays a variety of other roles including member of a 60’s style girl group; strong belt useful; high straight tone soprano also useful; very good dancer.

LORRAINE & OTHERS – (Female Identifying, 20-35) Frankie’s girlfriend; educated; not from Jersey; a reach career girl; young Diane Sawyer; actor also plays a variety of other roles, including member of a 60’s style girl group and tough-as-nails Jersey girl; strong high belt useful, belt to high F extremely useful; high, straight tone soprano also useful; very good dancer.

FRANCINE & OTHERS – (Female Identifying, 20-37) Frankie’s daughter; named for, doted on and deeply loved by Frankie. She’s a Jersey girl—vulnerable, lost and acts out to make up for lack of attention from her dad. Actor also plays a variety of other roles including member of a 60’s style girl group and a tough-as-nails Jersey girl. Strong, high belt useful. Belt to high F extremely useful, high straight tone soprano also useful but not required; very good dancer.

Escape to Margaritaville

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Stage 2

Directed by Steven J. Heron
Choreographed and Assistant Directed by Jordyn Linkous
Music Directed by Spencer Crosswell

TULLY – Male identifying – 27-39. Smooth-talking, self-deprecating playboy. He’s completely content with the life he’s chosen as the singer/bartender at a tropical resort, until he meets Rachel, a vacationer who upends his heart. Guitar skills are useful.

RACHEL – Female identifying – 27-33. Fully committed to her job and helping the world. Willing to put in as many hours of hard work as it takes and expects everyone else to do that same. Suspicious of fools and operators, Rachel is not easily distracted from her life plan.

TAMMY – Female identifying – 30-39. Loyal friend to Rachel. Sees the best in people and has a zest for life that is often squelched by her fiance, Chad. Her low self-esteem manifests itself as denial in her own life.

BRICK – Male identifying – 30-39. The Island bartender. Has a big heart and a good friend to Tully. Not the brightest bulb, but sensitive and thoughtful.

MARLEY –Female identifying – 40-49. No-nonsense and assertive with an island accent. She runs the resort and keeps everyone in check, but clearly cares about her employees, her customers, and J.D., an older island denizen. Great singer.

J.D. – Male identifying – 60-79. A funny, endearing older man who always has a parrot on his shoulder. He’s losing his vision and his hearing, but won’t acknowledge it. A good-natured drunkard, he’s always writing his memoirs on bar napkins and, as it turns out, he’s lived a full life.

ENSEMBLE – Jamal/Ted, Chadd, Goon #1, Goon #2, Jesus, Vacation Guests


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MARCH 14–APRIL 13, 2025

Directed by Steven J. Heron
Choreographed by Jordyn Linkous
Music Directed by Spencer Crosswell

JENNA – Female identifying, 20’s-30’s. Any ethnicity. A woman stuck in her life as an unhappily married waitress in a small town. Finds some happiness and expression through her meticulous baking of pies and her friendships with her coworkers, Dawn and Becky. Lives her live paycheck-to-paycheck, day by day, and wants nothing more than to get away and start fresh, unbeknownst to her destructive husband, Earl. Must have a fantastic pop/rock voice with great range.

DAWN – Female identifying. She youngest of the waitresses. Thick glasses, hair parted 14 centimeters to the left — eccentric is the nice way to say she’s slightly unusual, and not so slightly OCD. She sets the tables, painstakingly insuring each salt and pepper-shaker is equidistant from the napkin holder. Must have an excellent pop/rock/folk voice.

BECKY – Female identifying. The oldest of the three waitresses. Irreverent, irascible, been there, made it back, and somehow kept her forward and sometimes wicked sense of humor with excellent comedic timing. Must have a soulful pop voice with an excellent pop belt.

DR. POMATTER – Male identifying, 30’s-early 40’s. Handsome, endearing, and neurotic. Has a warm, if clumsy, matter. Jenna’s gynecologist with whom an unexpected extramarital affair is born. Has a quirky sense of humor and a big heart, despite the fact that he’s contributing to the affair. Must have impeccable comedic timing and must move well. Should have a very strong pop/rock tenor that can navigate the musical style of Sara Bareilles with ease.

EARL – Male identifying, 20’S-30’s. Jenna’s husband. Peaked in high school, handsome in a gruff way, but that face is clouded with broken dreams, drowned with cheap beer. Just enough narcissism mixed with stupidity, to be a potent Molotov cocktail that can explode into unexpected anger one second and then turn into a sobbing mess the next. Guitar playing a plus.

OGIE – Male identifying, 30’s, any ethnicity. Strange, yet oddly lovable. Becomes slightly obsessed with Dawn (in a hilarious yet endearing way) after she goes on a 5-minute date with him. Quirky, incredibly persistent, and odd, yet kind. Should have excellent comedic timing. Must have an excellent pop/rock tenor/baritenor sound.

CAL – Male identifying,  40’s. A chef at the diner. A “Salt of the Earth” guy’s guy surrounded by gals. Brash, impatient, unsentimental, but somehow charming. Should have a strong pop/rock voice with great comedic chops. Must have a strong contemporary baritone singing voice in the style of Sara Bareilles and have excellent comedic timing.

JOE – Male identifying. The owner of the diner where Jenna, Dawn, Becky, and Cal work. A seemingly old, curmudgeonly man who has a soft spot for Jenna (and her pie), warm at heart. A sarcastically funny and no-nonsense guy with a keen ability to read people. Very funny. Must have a strong baritone pop/rock.

LULU – Young Girl, to play 4-5 years old. Daughter of Jenna and Earl. A sweet, carefree child who appears in the last scene of the show. Should be confident and be able to engage in a small amount of dialogue and movement on stage.

MALE PRESENTING ENSEMBLE – Males, any ethnicity, ranging from Mid-Late 20’s to late 40’s. Must have excellent pop/rock voices in the style of Sara Bareilles. Must have excellent comedic timing and be able to play a range of characters comprising the community in which the story takes place. Must be strong movers/dancers. 3 MALE ENSEMBLE

FEMALE PRESENTING ENSEMBLE – Females, any ethnicity, ranging from mid 20’s to late 30’s. Must have excellent pop/rock voices in the style of Sara Bareilles. Must have excellent comedic timing and be able to play a range of characters comprising the community in which the story takes place. Must be strong movers/dancers. 4 FEMALE ENSEMBLE

The 39 Steps

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APRIL 4–20, 2025

Directed by Niko Stamos

RICHARD HANNAY – 20’s – 50’s. Male identifying character. Any race or ethnicity. One half of the leading duo of the leading duo who possesses the Hitchcock-esque suave, dashing, debonaire qualities. He is an artistic soul, a rebel, and an everyman capable of unlocking a secret heart filled with will and determination, cunning and vulnerability. Actor must be an adept physical comedian, a great listener and responder, and ensemble member.

ANNABELLA/PAMELA/MARGARET – 20’s – 50’s. Female Presenting. Female identifying character. Any race or ethnicity. One half of the leading duo who possesses physical, emotional, and comedic prowess. Actor will play all three roles below, with the possibility of stepping into a clown role or two.

  • Annabella: a brilliant but marked Russian woman who is on the run from spies and killed at their hand. Russian accent preferred.
  • Pamela: a quintessential Hitchcock-esqe leading lady. She is bold, emotionally, and intellectually intelligent, powerful, and fashionable. English accent required.
  • Margaret: a small-town farm worker married off to a cruel man; she is eager to see the world, to help Richard out when he stumbles upon her farm and is willing to risk the consequences from her abusive husband in following her heart and gut. Scottish accent required.20-30, played by same actress, love interest, secret agent, Scottish wife, also involved in espionage and intrigue.

Clown #1 & Clown #2 – Any age. Any gender, race, or ethnicity.  Vivacious, debonair, and with substantial authority, the clowns expertly execute 150+ roles with Olympian prowess and skillful comedic timing. Actors shouldn’t feel tied to one track as implied by more “traditional” casting, nor to gender identity of any of the clown roles. Versatility with European accents is a plus. Must be able to lift certain set pieces and move adroitly throughout stage and between roles.

Altar Boyz

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MAY 2–25, 2025

Directed by TBA
Choreographed by TBA
Music Directed by Spencer Crosswell

MATTHEW – (Baritone, 18 – 29) the groups leader and traditional “heartthrob,” who picks a pretty girl from the audience, sits her up on stage, and sings his big solo number while she swoons – Justin Timberlake type

MARK – (Tenor, comedic, 18 – 29) the closeted gay twinkie, a comic master, sensitive with a special soft spot for Cher – Lance Bass type

LUKE – (Bass/Baritone, 18 – 29) the tough Italian street kid with the hip-hop dance moves and the heart of gold. He was sent away for a while for “exhaustion.” One time he was so “exhausted” he cracked up the van. – Joey Fatone type

JUAN – (Baritone, 20 – 29) the hot Latino with Ricky Martin moves, a story more heart-breaking than a novella, and hair that gets sexier the more he sweats – Enrique Iglesias type

ABRAHAM (Baritone, 18 – 29) the hip-hop Jew